Jolly Pong Latte & Crush

I am not much of a breakfast cereal eater, but certain cereal-topping drinks have caught both my love and attention. Jolly Pong (죠리퐁) is one such cereal, with a light, crisp exterior and airy interior, and I often found myself finishing a bag within a sitting.


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Lavender Earl Grey Latte

One of the first posts I ever made was about one of my favourite drinks, the London Fog (but iced). While it still remains one of my favourites, sometimes it can be fun to experiment.

Lavender is a great complement to earl grey tea, and since we’re currently in the midst of a seemingly endless heat wave, I’ve also made this latte iced. Continue reading Lavender Earl Grey Latte

Making apple cake for Mother’s Day


My mom’s favourite cakes are either carrot cake (hold the cream cheese icing) or pound cake, both dense and heavy cakes. Oddly enough, she does not enjoy apple pie because the apples are often cooked to a mush, but she enjoys apple cake so much so that when I first made it (accidentally salting the apples, frantically realizing after sampling an errant apple, and then rinsing the heck out of them before plopping them in the cake and praying to the salt gods to back off) that she asked me to make it again and again as apple season wore on. Continue reading Making apple cake for Mother’s Day

Yooja Lotus Root


During our last visit to Seoul, we stayed in a guesthouse that provided a “mother’s home-cooked breakfast”. While we were unable to partake in it often due to our early schedules, we tried to catch it at every given opportunity.

Halfway through our stay, one of the rotating banchan (side dishes) made an appearance – bright white lotus root with citron peel. I don’t recall ever eating lotus root that had not been cooked in some sauce that eventually browned its appearance, and I was intrigued.

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Toowoomba Pasta


One of my default dishes (and likely many other students) in university was pasta; usually a jar of prepared sauce with my noodle of choice.

Since then, I’ve tried to branch out and make different types of pasta with homemade sauces, as it is deceivingly easier than expected. This recipe has sneakily taken the number one position for my favourite pasta in my heart, even beating out my beloved carbonara. I present to you the Korean-Australian fusion in the form of Toowoomba pasta. Continue reading Toowoomba Pasta