Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

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Deep fried lobster with garlic

This has been on my to-try list for awhile, as I would occasionally see pictures of massive towers of lobster on my news feed(s). After learning one of my friends wanted to try this place as well, I asked a group of friends if they wanted to go for a joint birthday/graduation dinner. It was a go.

Fish(er)man Lobster Clubhouse
Location: 680 Silver Star Blvd
Scarborough, ON
M1V 4S5
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 11pm
Price: $$$ (easily $$$$ if ordering sets)
Atmosphere: loud, not very spacious seating
Service: Average (if you are accustomed to Chinese restaurants)
Notes: Must reserve or expect long waiting times (at least for dinner)

This will be a long review. Therefore I made a quick summary here:

  • good food, high(er) prices
  • go for the experience
  • go in a large group
  • expect your lobster to be upsized

We made a reservation for 8pm (they told us they only accept for 6, 8, or 10pm) on a Monday night. When we arrived promptly at 8, the restaurant was extremely hectic and teeming with people. It took a few minutes to get the attention of the hostess, and we had to remind her a couple of times as she gave no indication of acknowledging our presence. After standing around for awhile, we were finally seated around 8:20 pm. It took another few minutes for a menu to make its way to our table, and finally we settled in.

Diced beef with black pepper

Their menu is split into two main sections; they have two menus of set meals (that means soup, dishes, and dessert, split into meals for 2, 3, 4, etc.) and an a la carte menu. We opted for a 3-person menu and added two dishes (the diced beef and the fried rice) from the a la carte menu.

Two things we noticed while ordering; when still deciding what to eat, one of the waitresses tried to sell the more expensive set menu (saying it was ‘peng leng jeng’, meaning it is good value for good stuff, therefore is great – sounds better in Chinese), which is typical but we were looking to order an amount of food that we could realistically finish. Thus, when we ordered, the waitress actually paused for a very long time and stared at the wall before taking out her pad to write it down, since we were only ordering the 3-person set. Not that we were expecting amazing service from these type of places, but it was a bit rude-but I have no shame so we proceeded. :)

Mushroom and greens
Mushroom and greens

Before the food comes, they bring the seafood you ordered to your table (still alive and flipping) and inform you of the size of the lobster, which they are notorious for upsizing. The set we ordered called for a 4 lb lobster, and ours weighed in at 4.71 lbs (add $16.99 for every lb over).

Fried rice with lobster roe
Fried rice with lobster roe

The soup came after the beef dish (nice and juicy but not very hot), which is quite odd so we just waited for the soup (watercress) to come before digging in. They do serve the soup to you, even when you want refills, which is nice. The mushroom dish came next (no review since I hate all kinds of mushrooms), followed by the fried rice (good ol’ fried rice, lobster roe added nice colour but taste-wise nothing special), but we were all waiting for the star of the night: the lobster.

When it came, it was definitely a show-stopper. Piled high with freshly fried lobster and endless garlic chips, it was piping hot and super delicious. They provide a box with plastic gloves so you can eat your lobster without sullying your hands, but the oil eventually seeps through. Went through 3 pairs of gloves while others gave up and just went in bare-handed.

Steamed flounder
Steamed flounder

The fish came with a wine glass of soy sauce, and the waitress deboned it for us at once. Soft and juicy, but nothing extraordinary.

I heard that they replaced your plates, but they only decided to replace ours near the end of our dinner, meaning we all had plates piled high with lobster shells and fried garlic, and once replaced, there was hardly anything left to put on the plate. May as well have not exchanged our plates.

For dessert, they provided black sesame paste, which was warm and not too goopy or watery. They took forever getting our bill, enough time for all of us to take a trip to the washroom. All in all, 6 people came out to $215, after they added 10% tip to the bill.

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