Frat Burger

Frat Burger with side salad
Frat Burger with side salad

Who can resist a good burger? How about burgers made to order and from local ingredients? That is the promise of Frat Burger in Waterloo, Ontario. Located down the road from two major universities, it feeds a lot of hungry students, myself included.

Frat Burger
Location: 247 King St N
Waterloo, ON
N2J 4V2 
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 11am to 9pm
Thursday: 11am to 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 3:30am
Price: $
Atmosphere: Sports bar feel with TVs aplenty
Service: No fuss

I’ll tell you right now, I definitely prefer fresh, soft buns than the harder, toasted variety to surround my patty, and Frat Burger is definitely the place to go when I’m in the city. As a combined bar and burger joint, they have specials Monday to Friday for drinks or drink & food combos. While not the biggest fan of their name, I am a big fan of their burger.

Frat Burger with side of fries

Originally the price was $4.99 for a basic burger before adding the works and sides, but recently the price has sadly gone up to $5.99. (Every dollar matters to students!) The good thing is that they do offer different options asides from the traditional beef patty, such as turkey, portobello, quinoa, and some changing specials such as lamb. Patties can also be ordered pink upon request. Their burgers are soft enough to fall apart without tearing at them, but have enough substance to hold its shape. Their ingredients taste fresh and as the burgers are made to order, the patty arrives hot and tender.

As for sides, I usually spring for a side salad, which is just spring mix with tomatoes, red onions, and cucumbers with choice of dressing. Their fries are passable, though the quantity they give is quite generous.

Structure of the frat burger

Something to note: their burgers are not very big. If you are familiar with The Burger’s Priest in Toronto, they run about the same size, meaning they fit the circumference of your palm. If you are only satiated after a large diner burger, I would recommend that you get two burgers or a large side. I actually like the sizing of the burger, as paired with a side, it makes me satisfied without feeling sleepy or uncomfortable from eating too much.

My personal go-to: beef burger with all the toppers (lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle), frat sauce (a spicy mayo) and aioli mayo. I squeeze a little ring of ketchup at the table.

My perfect mix

Check out their straightforward menu here.

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