“Next stop, WRVST. WVRST Station.”

With an abundance of street meat available in downtown Toronto, who would have guessed there would be demand for a sit-down restaurant? Well, WVRST has that niche covered with their European-style sausages and casual beer hall decor.

Location: 609 King St W
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5 
Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 11:30am to 11pm
Thursday: 11:30am to 12am
Friday & Saturday: 11:30am to 1am
Price: $
Atmosphere: Casual, communal tables
Service: Helpful, quick

Can I just mention how much I love their decor? Maybe it was just that I came during an off-peak time and there was plenty of space, but it is so clean, basic, and yet manages to look so put together. Usually benches are a pain to get in, and communal dining isn’t for everyone, but this wasn’t a problem at WVRST.


With that aside, we came in super hungry after spending hours in the sun (Tegan and Sara, FREE!) and one of the staff there asked if it was our first time, and explained how to order. When you enter, there is a glass case full of their sausage offerings, of which you pick one and have it on a bun with two toppings, or currywvrst style, meaning cut into slices with curry sauce and a loaf on the side.

Duck fat fries and Boerewors sausage
Duck fat fries and Boerewors sausage

There are so many varieties available, but seeing as it was our first time, we went for more basic meats, and chose Boerewors (beef and coriander) and Bratwvrst (pork, veal, and wine) and duck fat fries to share. After ordering, you recieve numbers which you place wherever you choose to seat, and they drop off your food once its ready, which took less than 10 minutes.

The Boerewors was very flavourful, and we topped it with sauerkraut and sauteed jalapenos. Surprisingly they aren’t terribly spicy even with some seeds left in, but added a nice kick. We both agreed that while the Boerewors had good flavour, the beef was too lean for a sausage.

Bratwvrst with sauerkraut
Bratwvrst with sauerkraut

The Bratwvrst on the other hand was juicy and paired well with their sauerkraut. I didn’t realize we could choose two toppings, hence I got a big heap of sauerkraut, which I didn’t mind because it was delicious. I love sauerkraut but often have ones that are too sour or bitter, but this one was milder and soft, which complimented the sausage nicely and was easy to bite through.

The duck fat fries came piping hot and at first were crispy, but got a bit soft as they sat in their paper cone (which had an adorable duck drawn on it). I actually like softer fries, so I preferred this, but if you like crispy fries, take them out of the cone once they come. My friend chose the chipotle dip, which tasted unlike any chipotle sauce I’ve ever had before, with a slightly spicy  flavour and a pop of green.

They have a pretty good selection of both local and foreign beers, but as we were feeling very dehydrated (and it was pretty early in the day), we chose to forego drinks this time.


Overall, we had a good experience and it definitely satisfied our hunger. Though it may seem expensive for essentially a suped-up hot dog (TANGENT: cheapest hot dogs I’ve seen are the third cart behind Rogers Centre/SkyDome, $1.50! Otherwise range from $2.00 to $4.00), my friend put this in perspective: it costs around the same as a 6″ sub at Subway, and it  was definitely more delicious. We’ll be back for the game sausages.

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