TD Music Cafe: Tegan and Sara

TD Music cafe kicked off its 2014 music season with a free music show (Monday, May 26), featuring Tegan and Sara. Of course we jumped at the chance for a free concert.

Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara

The event said it would run for 11am to 3pm, so we got to the area around 9:15am, and there was already a line for about 30+ people. The line doubled while we waited, and around 11:45, they let us inside. 

It was an extremely hot day and after nearly 2 hours in the sun, we sat under an umbrella and cooled down with their free sparkling sodas (also was cucumber-infused water). At this point we didn’t care to be at or near the front, as there was plenty of space available (Monday mornings = great deterrent for crowds = happy camper).There were a few opening acts, Scott Helman and his band, and 4 ladies from Honey Jam.


After nearly an hour of setting up the stage, Tegan and Sara came aboard and played for another hour. I knew about half the songs, but my friend who had been to a previous concert of theirs, knew them all and said they performed them as perfectly as the studio versions.

We left after the performances, as what was left was a Q & A session and we were both ravenously hungry, and walked to WVRST for a late lunch.


With all that sun and barely any liquids, I left with a raging headache and by the time I was home, I was ready to shower and hit the sheets. I think I hit my own personal record of hours slept: 14. Lesson learned: summer has begun. Bring water, sunscreen, and hats.

Thanks TD for the free concert!


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