Atlas Espresso Bar

Iced hot chocolate and iced vanilla latte
Iced hot chocolate and iced vanilla latte

I’m not much of a coffee person. Excessive caffeine gives me headaches and I’ve never gotten past the bitter taste of coffee, which is something I don’t intend to get over after seeing the coffee addictions during exam season. However, I do appreciate a place that does a good cup of java and has a couple side options for people who do choose to go without.

If you love your coffee prepared on the spot, Atlas is the place to be. The lady working at the counter was one of the co-owners, and very friendly and easy-going. They opened in late February and already seem to have quite a few regulars.

Atlas Espresso Bar
Location: 505 Front St W, Unit 59
Toronto, ON
M5V 1C1
Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm
Saturday: 8am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm
Atmosphere: Homey and open
Service: Friendly

I noticed the decor as soon as we entered; simple birch coloured wood covers most of the counters and walls, offset by orange stools and framed pictures.

As it was one of those hot July days, we decided to get iced drinks. I decided to get an iced hot chocolate (weirdest name but what else do I call it?) while my sister ordered an iced vanilla latte. My sister can vouch for their hot drinks, adding that its one of her new favourite spots.

Where the magic happens
Where the magic happens

The drinks were both very good. The iced hot chocolate was creamy and smooth, and escaped being associated with chocolate milk. The latte was lovely; a great mix of milk and coffee flavour while not being too sweet (though she did ask how sweet you preferred it). Each drink was accompanied with a bite-size chocolate wafer and three chocolate-covered coffee beans, which was a nice touch.

The price at these shops is one of the downfalls; not everything is clearly listed, which always makes me wonder how they go about the pricing. The hot chocolate was listed at $3.75, but as mine was iced (nothing on the menu indicated pricing for cold drinks), the total came to $4.50 with tax, which was the same price as my sister’s flavoured latte. I was informed that this price may not be the same in the future, supposing this was one of the first times iced hot chocolate was ordered.

Interior; I am a fan of the orange stools
Interior; I am a fan of the orange stools

All in all, a nice coffee spot for those who love the stuff, and a nice occasional treat for all others. I have seen photos of their food items, which admittedly look phenomenal, and will likely be back to try some.

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