Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

Funky Monkey waffle
Funky Monkey waffle

Williams Fresh Cafe serves up breakfast, lunch/dinner and dessert at over 35 locations around Ontario, a few of which are conveniently located near university campuses. Coincidence? :)

When I first came to Waterloo, I heard from friends that Williams was a great place to hang out and grab some coffee and food. Though for a student budget, I would say many items are on the pricier end of the spectrum, it is definitely a great place for a treat once in awhile. My especial favourites are their dessert and drink options, and I often find myself here for their cakes and waffles.

This is from the Toronto one; the one in Waterloo does it better
This is from the Toronto one; the one in Waterloo does it better

While there are many items I love on the menu, my absolute favourite is their Funky Monkey Belgian waffles. This is made-to-order, so it comes to you hot off the press and topped with whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and of course, bananas. Prices sometimes vary depending on location, but generally this waffle will set you back $6.99.

At Williams, you order and pay at the counter and they give you a number to bring to wherever you choose to sit. Once your order is ready, they deliver right to your table. I especially love this as you can stay however long you want, without anyone hovering near you or pointedly giving you the bill.

The ice cream is delicious and I *believe* it is vanilla; honestly I enjoy this entirely too quickly to focus on determining the flavour. I did notice the amount of ice cream they give you decreased since I first ordered it over two years ago.

There are of course, many variations of waffles you can order, or you can customize what you would like on top. However, this is in my books, the best combination they have.


2 thoughts on “Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

  1. That looks utterly amazing. If I could look down at my plate and see that concoction every time I’m about to eat: there’d be no worries in the world ;)
    If you could do me a favor and make the suggestion for them to open locations near Pittsburgh, PA, I’d greatly appreciate it :)

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