The Wangding and the Mel & Steve
The Wangding and the Mel & Steve

Spent this past weekend in New York (the first official out-of-the-country trip we planned by ourselves!) and took it upon ourselves to visit Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

First up,  Asiadog. The name describes it all; hot dogs with asian-inspired toppings.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5
Joralemon St
Brooklyn, NY
Hours: Every Sunday in the spring and summer! For more pop-up locations and permanent store, check out their website.
Price: $
Atmosphere: Food market! Crowded and joyous
Service: Quick and efficient

When we approached the line, there was only one person before us, but as we stood there making up our minds, a few more people crowded in front, but the line never got out of hand (like a certain Ramen Burger). Coincidentally, we ended up ordering the same hot dog combos separately, therefore, only two options were explored that day.

The options
The options

We went for the 2 for $9 hot dogs, and chose beef for both. The Wangding, which featured Chinese BBQ pork belly, onions, and a fresh slice of cucumber. While it tasted good, my friend did say it was too flavourful. With extra meat on the dog and an abundance of sauce, the hot dog did seem a bit lost.

The Mel & Steve was delicious. The asian sesame slaw was the perfect balance between light acid complemented by the nuttiness of the sesame seeds. It is pretty much an asian twist on sauerkraut, and was done well. For some reason, I also enjoyed the pink hue on the bun from the slaw… Not sure why.

Overall the dogs were good and I would definitely try others on the menu (I was debating between Vinh and Sidney) next time. Smorgasburg has definitely left me wishing we had weekly food festivals in Toronto, which would mean more visits to try more food, and less crazy lines!

* All prices listed above are in USD.

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