Hibiscus doughnut
Hibiscus doughnut

We were walking around Smorgasburg at Brooklyn Bridge Park, and came across this doughnut stand. With a variety of yeast doughnuts with amazing toppings, the hibiscus one caught our eye due to its bright magenta-red icing… and it did not disappoint. We just tried one doughnut and it was enough for me to know that this is probably the best doughnut I’ve ever had.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5
Joralemon St
Brooklyn, NY
Hours: Every Sunday in the spring and summer! Permanent store details on their website.
Atmosphere: Food market! Crowded and joyous
Service: Quick and efficient

Let me just start by saying this is a huge doughnut. Much larger than your standard Tim Hortons/Dunkin Donuts ones and it is both tall and wide. My friend got this doughnut for $2.25, and between her, another friend and I, we were unable to finish it despite nibbling away at it for a good while.

The doughnut was soft and pillowy, and avoided the dryness typical of chain doughnuts. The icing had a thin crust on it that broke through with the slightest touch, a welcome change from the hardened ones typical of doughnuts that have been sitting around for several hours. The flavour of hibiscus was apparent and the dougnut was even topped with dried hibiscus that was delightfully chewy.

Other doughnuts that caught my eye were the lemon poppyseed and the blood orange. I’m definitely going to be going back for more doughnuts (but to share, as they’re truly enormous).

* All prices above listed in USD

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