New Northern Dumplings

Egg and Leek Dumplings
Egg and Leek Dumplings

A good dumpling has a thin ‘skin’ and juicy interior. Sadly, many of my favourite dumpling places have closed or the quality went down, but this one is thankfully still open.

New Northern Dumplings / 新北方餃子館
Location: 633 Silver Star Blvd
Scarborough, ON
M1V 5N1
Telephone: (416) 321-2289
Price: $
Atmosphere: Plain
Service: Average

The interior is rather plain, but people come here for the good food and great prices. Service is nothing outstanding but has never been rude. The food comes relatively quickly for being cooked on the spot.

bean curd
Bean curd salad

Simple and dressed with lots of garlic, this is a refreshing appetizer.

Green onion pancake
Green onion pancake

The onion cake is delicious and a must-try. Chock-full of green onions, it arrives steaming hot. Probably one of my favourite places for these green onion pancakes.

potato noodle
Potato noodle and cabbage

The noodles were soft with a slight chew but the cabbage was a bit overpowering and made the dish rather bitter.

Vegetables with garlic

Plain ol’ veggies cooked with garlic.

Xiao long bao
Xiao long bao

The xiao long bao are a bit of a miss here, with thick skins and lacking a soupy interior.

Look at the thin skins
Look at the thin skins

Now, for the dumplings. My absolute favourite are the egg and leek ones, though all the ones I have tried have been good. Dip them in a little vinegar for optimum taste.

EDIT: As of 2016, my favourite is the pumpkin and egg ones. Light and dainty, they also pair well with vinegar.

This place is definitely a ‘hidden gem’ for dumplings, and the value is amazing at 15 dumplings for $4.99.

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