Argo Tea

Ginger green tea and Earl Grey vanilla creme

We stumbled across Argo Tea while walking to find a pharmacy. As a result, half of us ventured in while the others walked to the Duane Reade down the street. We meant to just walk in to check out their arrangement of loose leaf teas for sale, but got roped into getting a few drinks.

Argo Tea
Location:1792 Broadway (corner of Broadway and W 58th St)
New York
NY 10019
Hours: Monday to Friday: 6am to 11pm
Saturday: 7am to 11pm
Sunday: 7am to 10pm
Price: ¢
Atmosphere: Casual
Service: Friendly

A menu full of their signature drinks as well as seasonal ones was prominently displayed at the front, and the names of their teas coupled with the fact that it was so humid convinced us to try some. They also offer bubble tea, but I’m not sure how it would pair with their drinks or even if the tapioca is good… so I refrained.

I got an iced Earl Grey vanilla creme which was milky and satisfying. The flavour of the tea was strong and was sweetened just enough.

My friend got the Green Tea Ginger Twist which was refreshing with the spice of ginger, but I disliked the Mojitea (cool mint and fresh lime juice), which tasted like toothpaste (not the biggest fan of mint). I believe we also tried the Pom Tea (pomegranate juice and red tea) which was sweet and reminiscent of Starbuck’s Passion Tea.

I’m glad there is a place that knows how to do iced teas well. Definitely worth a try but some choices are definitely  hit or miss.

Their brewed teas
Their brewed teas

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