Tomo Sushi

Sashimi combo
Sashimi dinner combo

I heard about Tomo Sushi nearly 3 years ago from a co-worker; she lived nearby and said it was one of her favourite places for sushi, and everyone she had brought there, regardless of what they thought of sushi before, loved it. Being a little out of the way from me, I never had the opportunity to try it until now.

Tomo Sushi
Location: 9625 Yonge St, Unit 1 &2
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 5T2
Hours: Monday to Friday: 11:30am to 11pm
Saturday: 12pm to 11pm
Sunday: 12pm to 10pm
Price: $$
Atmosphere:Β Clean spacious
Service: Friendly and efficient

Being back at school was making me a little sad due to the lack of good food options nearby, so when I went home for the weekend, I was determined to have one ‘splurge’ meal (for a student budget as least), and decided come here as I needed to take a bus at Richmond Hill Centre later that evening.

Pictured above is the sashimi dinner combo ($19), which comes with the soup and salad pictured below and a bowl of rice. The appetizers were both fresh and steaming hot respectively, and they also gave me a small bowl of soup despite the fact I did not order a combo.

Crispy noodle soup and salad
Crispy noodle soup and salad

Soft shell crab is probably one of my guilty pleasures, as the concept still baffles me to this day. I decided to order a roll instead of a combo, and picked the spider roll ($10 for 8 pcs). I will admit this isn’t the best I’ve ever had, as some of the crab was overfried and a touch tough to chew, but the taste was delicious.

Spider roll
Spider roll

I only recently began to be able to eat sashimi, and so far only enjoy salmon. So rather than get a platter full of ones I would not eat, I just ordered 5 pcs from the a la carte menu ($8). This is probably among the freshest salmon I’ve had, and sliced thickly. There was a marked difference between the salmon from the a la carte menu and the one from the sashimi combo.

Sake sashimi a la carte
Sake sashimi a la carte

Overall, very impressed with Tomo and the hype was well-deserved. I will definitely be going back when I feel a craving for fresh sushi and attentive service.

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