Los Altos Taqueria


We went to visit friends in the area and took the Caltrain down to San Antonio. After finding our way around (and the first rideshare I’ve ever taken), we were dying for a bite to eat. We headed to the local plaza where the Chinese place had not yet opened, so we went next door and landed at Los Altos Taqueria.

Los Altos Taqueria
Location: 2105 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View
CA 94043
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7am to 10pm
Price: $
Atmosphere: Take-out friendly
Service: Efficient

We were meaning to try out a taqueria during our time in the California, so it was a blessing in disguise. One of the walls is covered in photos and dish names, but each item looked tiny. My friend and I decided to split two meals; the chimichanga with chicken and the super nachos with beef.

They gave our group chips and salsa to snack on while our meal was being prepared. Some people got their order first, and it was only after quite a while that the kitchen realized our order got lost. However, once they added it in, it came quite promptly.

Super Nachos
Super Nachos

The chimichanga was initially delicious, but it was stuffed to the gills with refried beans, that it became too heavy afterwards and just overwhelmed the dish. The nachos fared better, and remained crisp throughout our meal.

Lost Altos is a popular local joint, with many people filtering in and out during our meal. While definitely bang for your buck, it felt like more of a place to quell hunger pangs than to sit down for a really satisfying meal.

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