Cha Me. Cha

Pork cutlet combo with noodles and drink
Pork cutlet combo with noodles and drink

  Another tea room and snack place has opened in Markham. Located in the same plaza as the new T&T on Kennedy Road, across from Peachtree Centre, it is pretty hidden from the street, and you have to go into the parking lot in order to see it in the corner. Cha Me. Cha also has another location in North York.

Cha Me. Cha
Location: 8333 Kennedy Rd, Unit 1078
Markham, ON
L3R 1J5
Hours: Monday to Friday: 3pm to 12am
Saturday to Sunday: 12pm to 12am
Price: $
Atmosphere: Tea room, cafe
Service: Generally friendly, prone to errors

The dinner special pictured above includes a choice of meat with rice or noodle, and a drink ($9.99). You are allowed to upgrade for a different drink for a little more. I chose to upgrade to the House Oolong Tea for $2.85 more.  The pork cutlet was crisp but was nearly 1/3 bone of fat, so that was a little disappointing. The texture of the noodle was good but I wish the broth had been more flavourful. The portion is definitely large enough that I had a little trouble finishing.

Crispy chicken with rice
Crispy chicken with rice

The lunch/dinner special is also available with rice and some side dishes. The chicken was perfectly fried, would definitely recommend this over the pork cutlet.

Onto the main discussion: bubble tea. The three times I have been here, they have messed up someone’s drink order at least once. From forgetting the milk, to wrong sizes, to the wrong tea, to forgetting tapioca, they just can’t seem to get it right on the first try. I’m not one to send something back unless its completely wrong, so it was a little trying to either not get what was ordered or to constantly have to correct the order. Something they should definitely work on; not sure if the miscommunication occurred with the servers or the kitchen.

Snow White shaved ice
Snow White shaved ice

The shaved ice is good on the first few bites, but definitely something to share with at least 3-4 people… It was enormous and after numbing your tongue with sweetness and cold, it became quite difficult to finish.

Overall, great place for snacks and catching up with friends over a drink, but if you’re going just for bubble tea, there are definitely other options I would head to first.

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