The Bombay Grill

Karahi paneer, naan, and butter chicken
Karahi paneer, naan, and butter chicken

My mom discovered this place on the Internet, and decided to take us as she loves curry and wanted to try a new place. Located in a nondescript plaza, the Bombay Grill has quickly become one of my family’s favourite places to eat, and we often bring people here when they come to visit.

The Bombay Grill
Location: 5694 Highway 7, Unit 1A
Sherwood Plaza
Markham, ON
L3P 1B4
Hours: Closed Mondays
Phone: (905)-554-6666
Price: $$
Atmosphere: Dark and spacious
Service: Generally friendly and attentive

They also have other locations in Milton, Ajax, Hamilton, and Burlington, but I have only gone to the Markham one. While they offer lunch buffet, but I would highly recommend  ordering off the menu, as the dishes are freshly prepared and are more flavourful in comparison to the buffet option.

Vegetable pakora
Vegetable pakora

My appetizer of choice is the vegetable pakora; deep fried to perfection, they come piping hot and the tamarind sauce that accompanies it is sweet and ties it all together.

I have actually tried all the paneer dishes (mutter, palak, karahi, and makhani) and liked them all, but the one we order the most often has to be the paneer makhani. The sauce tastes very similar to the butter chicken sauce, but lighter and a touch sweeter.

Paneer makhani, mutter paneer, chicken korma and butter chicken on naan
Paneer makhani, mutter paneer, chicken korma and butter chicken on naan

We often order the vegetable biryani; while chock-full of flavours, this is a truly spicy dish, and I definitely need the accompanying yogurt to finish.

I’m usually entirely too full for dessert, but if you’re in the mood, the pistachio kulfi is a nice, light cap to the end of the meal. The one I had was a tad icy, and not as smooth as the typical ice cream or gelato.

Pistachio kulfi
Pistachio kulfi

They also offer a number of drinks; the mango beer is a must try! Definitely one of my favourite beers. The mango lassi is also good if you want something without alcohol.

Mango beer and mango lassi
Mango beer and mango lassi

To recap: our favourite entrees include the paneer makhani, aloo gobi, and of course, the butter chicken (my dad must have this every time). It is hard to go wrong with any of the dishes here; there hasn’t been one dish I haven’t enjoyed, but the above mentioned are definitely the ones we order time and time again. While I often see people coming here for take-out, I would suggest sitting down to enjoy the meal, as everything is freshly prepared and tastes best eaten right when it arrives.

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