Carl’s Jr.

A Carl’s Jr. popped up in the city, and I had absolutely no idea what it was. After a few brief reviews from my friends, I discovered two things: it was a fast food burger joint and I should give it a try.

Famous Star
Famous Star

This is the first and currently only Carl’s Jr. in Ontario, but they have several locations in B.C. and Alberta. Representatives handed out coupons on campus a couple of months ago, but after much flopping from my eating partners, we ended up not going and the coupons expired.

So of course, it only made sense to go about two weeks after that.

Carl’s Jr.
Location: 75 King St S, Unit 41
Waterloo, ON
N2J 1P2
Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 11pm
Price: $
Atmosphere: Clean, spacious
Service: Friendly and hospitable

We got hungry while shopping for Christmas presents and groceries, so we decided to pop in around 10:30am. The first thing we noticed – the interior was very clean and comfortable for a fast food place, similar to the recent upgrades McDonald’s had done all around the country. Second of all, a cardboard cut-out of a woman with the words “join the mile high club” on it. So very mixed first impressions.

We both decided to order the Famous Star, and took our numbers and found a spot (yes, we were the only ones there at that time in the morning). The orders came promptly, and the server who delivered it to us asked if we would like anything else, and offered to bring us water. We were actually a bit blown away at this level of service; I can’t remember ever being offered water in a fast food restaurant, and with a very jovial attitude.


The burger was good, for a fast food joint. As in, not comparable to a traditional restaurant or burger joint that makes everything on the spot, but in terms of fast food, very good. The burger wasn’t overall greasy, the bun held up, and the fresh ingredients weren’t wilted. Probably one of the best ‘quick-service’ burgers I’ve ever had.

There were cards that let you rate your overall experience Carl’s Jr., and I definitely filled one out afterwards. The only reviews that nudge people to share are generally positive or negative, and I was glad it was the latter.

Carl’s Jr.: good for satiating a burger craving, decent prices, and above all, stellar service.


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