Gong Cha

Earl grey latte with 3 jellies and milk foam roasted oolong tea

Another bubble tea place straight from Taiwan has joined the ranks here in the GTA. Gong Cha is located near/in the Metro Square plaza and offers a few new options to bubble tea lovers. They also accept the Vicinity rewards card, always another plus so you don’t need to carry around all these different stamp cards.

Gong Cha
Location: 3636 Steeles Ave E
Markham, ON
L3R 1K9
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 12am
Friday: 12pm to 1am
Saturday: 11am to 1am
Sunday: 11am to 12am
Price: ¢
Atmosphere: Bright and clean
Service: Friendly and efficient

I heard good things about the moustache series, also known as milk foam. You can add this onto any drink or order some specifically with milk foam. The first drink (and not my regular order) was the milk foam roasted oolong tea. The tea flavour is a lot stronger than other places, and I like to have the option to mix the foam in or not.


The mango yogurt is also a nice fruity drink option with real bits of mango mixed in, and it a refreshing choice for summertime.

Mango yogurt and roasted oolong milk tea with grass jelly
Mango yogurt and roasted oolong milk tea with grass jelly

The one drink that didn’t impress me was the earl grey latte with 3 jellies… I love earl grey tea and lattes but it did not match with bubble tea/jelly, and being one of the most expensive drinks on the menu, it just tasted very odd.

I haven’t ventured past these few staples but I am willing to give them a try once I come here often enough that I don’t automatically default to milk foam!

Gong Cha Tea on Urbanspoon


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