Samdayeon and King O Fredo
Samdayeon O Fredo (₩7500) and King O Fredo (₩8500)

Before going to Seoul, I had stumbled across a few pictures on Instagram of what I described as “green tea magic”, and instead of the fruitless longing that usually accompanies photos of delicious food faraway, I realized I could actually pay one a visit.

Lucky for us, we lived near one and stumbled across it on our first night, and decided to pay it a visit for breakfast the next morning.

If you know Seoul, hardly anything opens early in the morning. By the time we arrived, we were very hungry. My friend ordered the tea garden set, and although I would say it is a tad pricey, there was plenty of food and could easily be shared. We all agreed the green tea milk jam (also called spread) tasted like icing, and my friend bought a couple of jars.

The O Fredo’s were beautiful and comparable to frappucinos in texture, but the taste was much more unique and were great for humid summer days.


Tea Garden Set (₩18000)
Tea Garden Set (₩18000)


We went to the OSULLOC in Insadong as well, and I bought some of the Jeju tangerine oolong tea. While I usually find blended teas to be a miss, we were able to sample some in store and it was surprisingly delicious. The packaging of their products is beautiful and make good gifts for friends and family. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their teas.

Green tea latte, double shot
Green Tea Latte Double Shot (₩6500)

OSULLOC has locations in most of the busy neighbourhoods, including Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insadong, and many more.

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