Izakaya Tsuki

Maki Set 2
Medium maki party tray  ($55)

We recently went to Izakaya Tsuki in the East Beaver Creek plaza for my friend’s birthday. He told us beforehand that the reviews were mixed, so we went in not knowing what to expect.

First of all, this plaza has changed significantly since I used to frequent it five years ago – it took us a couple of spins to find the izakaya as the decor and signage was a bit dark.

Izakaya Tsuki
Location: 135 York Blvd
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3B4
Hours: Monday to Friday: 11:40am to 2am
Friday and Saturday: 5pm to 2am
Price: $$
Atmosphere: Dark and spacious
Service: Friendly

Walking in, the interior is dark and the table area is spacious, definitely unlike other izakayas I have been to before. It was pretty quiet even for a weekday, with only a handful of other tables occupied.

Beef tataki
Beef tataki ($13)

The menu showed a variety of food options, with Japanese and Korean dishes. We ordered 4 dishes and a platter of maki.

The first dish to arrive was the beef tataki. It was lightly seared on the outside and the sauce it came with was delicious.

BC tuna herb yaki
BC tuna herb yaki ($12)

Next was the BC herb yaki tuna that melted in your mouth. Also carmelized onions are always a plus.

The buttered squid was surprisingly tender and well-seasoned. I am often wary of ordering squid, especially the grilled variety, but this was a pleasant surprise.

Buttered squid
Buttered squid ($9)

Seeing makgeolli on the menu for a relatively reasonable price (expensive no matter how you view it, seeing as its about $2 in Korea…) of $15.99, it came in a teapot with bowls for drinking. While it was nice to be able to drink it in a more traditional manner, it sadly made 750 mL go by really fast.

Makgeolli ($15.99)

Cheese buldak was a steaming hot plate of spicy chicken on a bed of bean sprouts with melted cheese all over the top.

Finally the huge plate of maki made with purple rice. The purple rice was a lovely addition that didn’t affect the taste, but I must say that there was an overdose of dynamite rolls in this platter (the two dragon rolls are just dynamite rolls with different tops).

Cheese buldak ($16)
Cheese buldak ($16)

It was a very enjoyable meal overall and I would definitely make the trip back here again.

Tsuki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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