My favourite meals: travel edition

As I’m currently wishing I were anywhere but here, I thought it would be fun to round up all my favourite meals from my most recent trips.

Medina Cafe’s liege waffles with passionfruit creme actually makes my tongue tingle – I loved this so much I had to get it when I went back.


Burnt Toast offered up the best food for the best prices in an overpriced city in the northern territories. The Gnarly Barley salad has all the fixings of an amazing meal.


Los Angeles
Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong – I’m not even slightly exaggerating when I tell you I have dreams of this meal. Those beef ribs at the end… So. Good.


San Francisco
Boba Guys – seriously you have no idea how sad I am that I cannot easily fulfill the void that is Boba Guys. Muscat oolong = liquid childhood candy.


Brunch Box’s crazy burger creations that somehow didn’t make us feel like crap, so props to them!


Serious Pie has some seriously good pizza.


Hong Kong
Okay I really can’t choose just once thing in Hong Kong because it’s more about the culture – food courts and street stalls have the best food for super cheap prices. I love this little dai pai dong in Stanley that you have to squeeze through a wall to get to – after a hot day at the beach it’s lovely to sit in the humid little room with fans blowing hot air at you while you sip an ice cold  sugar cane Coca Cola in a glass bottle and eat piping hot curry fishballs.


Matsuya’s traditional Japanese breakfast ordered from ticket machine. Efficient dining and our introduction to natto.


Very close second: CoCo Curry House and Tokyo Bananas.

Korean BBQ – I honestly don’t remember the name of this place but it’s unimportant as any charcoal bbq place will likely be delicious. We had so much street food in Seoul that we had barely any proper meals so this was a bit unfair but definitely the stand out.


Not close seconds because I loved them most – Banana milk and hotteok.




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