Orange Slice Latte


After seeing photos of what appeared to be a latte with an orange slice floating around Instagram, I tried to decode how to make it. After scouring the internet, I found recipe for a coffee latte… but being me, I decided to try my hand at a tea latte version.

I thought Earl Grey might match this best, as it has bergamot infused in it. Pursuing this recipe also pushed me to finally buy a new milk frother; after my handheld one died when it was washed with it’s batteries, I was in search of a more ‘proper’ frother as I had never been satisfied with the foam the handheld one had produced. Electronic ones were in the hundreds, so I finally searched until I found ones that resemble a french press – after searching around, I found that Kitchen Stuff Plus had one on sale for $8.99 with good reviews, so I hauled myself to one immediately.


You will need:

  • tea (any black tea will do, but I used Earl Grey)
  • an orange-like fruit, sliced
  • milk foam
  • sweetener (I used honey – can also make an orange simple syrup)

Just brew the tea to your desired taste, and sweeten with honey. Whilst the tea is steeping, start making your milk foam. This frother is actually amazing – it made very fluffy foam in under a minute. The lack of electronic bits means it will never run out of charge, but do be careful as the glass is rather fragile.


Slowly pour the foam into the cup, and you can leave a bit of a bump for the orange slice to rest on – I actually wasn’t looking and it all just fell in my cup and made a mess, but it still worked! Carefully place the orange on top and voila! It is so simple but so beautiful.

If you want to kick this up a notch, you can make an orange simple syrup – equal parts sugar and water, and add in a squeeze of orange juice and a sprinkle of zest.

Growing up, I was told never to have citrus, especially oranges, with milk as it will give you a stomach ache. Despite knowing now that is is more of an old wives’ tale, it does make me hesitant whenever I want to combine the two; thankfully, it worked out. The orange (I used a mandarin) does add a lovely fresh taste to the latte, and I loved being able to smell it every time I took a sip. This is definitely a lovely drink to welcome the end of winter. Enjoy!

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