Kupfert & Kim


Nothing is quite as beautiful as colourful food – especially when it’s naturally so. I love trying new combinations to get inspiration for my own creations. The pictures from featuring the bowls from Kupfert & Kim have long intrigued me, and I finally had the chance to pop in during lunch.

Kupfert & Kim
Location: 140 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON
M5V 2L4
Hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 10pm
Price: $
Atmosphere: Bright
Service: Friendly and helpful

The interior was bright and spacious, with tables lining the windows. We were lucky enough to get a spot. You order at the front and they give you a table marker with a fruit/vegetable, which was pretty adorable.

My friend recommended the Cauliflower Tahini, and she chose the First Canadian Place.

CAULIFLOWER TAHINI ($12.50) organic quinoa, house-made hummus, roasted cauliflower, za’atar salsa, carrots, cabbage, beets, mint, pomegranate, organic greens, radish, sesame seeds, seed flatbread with lemon tahini sauce

FIRST CANADIAN PLACE ($10.75) organic quinoa, organic tempeh, organic kale, roasted yam, pomegranate, beets, carrots, rainbow radish, purple cabbage, white cabbage, organic sprouts, sunflower and sesame seeds with maple chia sauce


All the ingredients were very fresh, and packed full of flavour. The lemon-tahini sauce was creamy yet tangy, and the seed flatbread provided a nutty crunch between bites of salad.

It did get really filling halfway through, but I was determined to finish. I will say it does take on a very unattractive brownish-purple colour when all the components are mixed together, which made it a bit harder to finish.

All-in-all, I really enjoyed my meal here and I will say I like it more than Fresh – everything tasted fresher and was well prepared, and I enjoyed how many components went into the bowls, yet it all tied together.

Kupfert & Kim Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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