Voodoo Doughnut


My absolute favourite doughnut was the one I had from Dough (fun fact: I did not even buy this doughnut but my friend let me eat so much of it that I don’t know how we still didn’t finish it). I have been sorely disappointed at finding alternatives here, and definitely no place offered a hibiscus doughnut.

When I told my friend I was going to Portland, besides warning me of its weirdness, he highly recommended Voodoo Doughnuts.

Voodoo Doughnuts 
Location: 22 SW 3rd Ave
OR 97204
Hours: 24/7
Atmosphere: Bustling takeout
Service: Friendly but disorganized

It was a sweltering day in Portland, and there was a line out the door but seeing as we walked all the way there, we hopped in. The line of about 20 people took about half an hour, and soon we were cramped in the tiny store trying to scope out the doughnuts we wanted. Things were a bit disorganized and the display case was missing a lot of signs stating what doughnut it was.

When we got our doughnuts, I opened the box to find the all-important hibiscus doughnut missing, so I squeezed through the crowds to order another. People in line were definitely unimpressed, but seeing as I had ordered that one first, and it was the only doughnut I really wanted, I was not about to wait half an hour again.

Overall, the yeast doughnuts were nice and airy, and the icing was definitely distinctive and flavourful. The cake doughnut was a hard lump in comparison, and I found it heavy and bit crusty. I will still say their yeast doughnuts don’t top Dough, but they have tons of crazy flavours for you to try.

Do remember, it is cash only!


P.S. Portland isn’t that weird.


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