House of Small Wonder


When looking for places to eat in Berlin, House of Small Wonder popped up among the top recommendations. After seeing photos from a couple of friends who were in Berlin just before I was, I was determined to pay a visit. I didn’t even know what the menu was like; it was the above photo that drew me in.

House of Small Wonder
Location: Johannisstraße 20
10117 Berlin
Hours: 7 days a week: 9am to 5pm
Service: Efficient

Located above Zenkichi, the stairs lead up to a rustic-style cafe. I love cafes that have fresh cut flowers (a la Finch’s). The menu was pretty simple, but due to it being an hour before closing, they had run out of a few items already.


Fresh Mint Tea (€4), Honey Lemon Ginger Tea (€3), Latte Macchiato (€3.4), and Cappuccino (€3)

I ordered a latte macchiato, and it sadly didn’t measure up the the amazing one I had in Den Haag. Overall, it was a delicious drink, but vanilla and honey would have made my day.

I ended up ordering the Croque Madame with the Mediterranean salad. The food did not wow me in the least – it was pretty average fare similar to something I would have whipped up at home.

Soboro Don (€10)
Croque Madame (€9)
Onigiri Set (€6.5)

My sister and I shared a cake to finish off our meal – the chiffon cake was light and fluffy, but perhaps a tad too spongey. I would have preferred the cake to be layered with the whipped cream, but it was still a refreshing end to the meal.

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake (€3)

All in all, I’m still glad I checked out House of Small Wonder, as it was certainly a feast for the eyes if the food was average. However, I must put a disclaimer – for food overall, it was average. For food in Berlin, it’s actually pretty great! It also is less common in Berlin than it would be in Toronto, so all aside, this is still a good cafe to visit.

Oh, it’s cash only! Cash being euros of course.


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