Spotlight: Inkigayo Sandwich


My friend and I decided to visit a temple early on our second morning in Busan. On our way there, we stopped at a convenience store inside the subway station for a convenient breakfast. While grabbing kimbap from the fridge, my eyes wandered past the sandwiches… and spotted the Inkigayo Sandwich.

Named the Idol Popular Sandwich, it cost ₩2,200 at GS25. I grabbed it without thinking, and ‎₩6,500 later, I walked out of the store with my haul of food.


We stood outside the store to eat, and I decided to dig in to the sandwich, as it seemed less likely to survive our trip unscathed.

I suppose a bit of background is needed; a certain sandwich is sold at a music program show called SBS Inkigayo. Only available to staff and performers, there were many pictures and videos circulating proclaiming its deliciousness – so much so that convenience stores decided to capitalize on it, and released their own version.

The ingredients seem a bit odd at first – there is a layer of potato and egg salad, a layer of shaved cabbage salad with sweet pickles and imitation crabmeat, and the third layer consists of strawberry jam. Sandwiched with four thin slices of white bread, it certainly looks and sounds interesting. Though I have heard that the ingredients and taste differ slightly from the original, as a lover and maker of odd combinations, I didn’t hesitate to try it.


Verdict: it is delicious. My friend was skeptical, so I convinced her to take a bite, and she was pleasantly surprised at how well these ingredients worked together. It is a simple sandwich, but there is savoury, sweet, and tartness in every bite. It is available at different convenience stores including 7-Eleven, CU, and GS25. I sadly never saw it again during my stay, but I would highly recommend giving it a try if you visit South Korea.

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