Spotlight: Street Food in Osaka

Our trip to Osaka wouldn’t have been complete without sampling their street food. We’ve learned and evolved since our last visit to Asia, and now we try to balance street food with actual meals, so while the quantity of items tried may have shrunk, we made sure to try items we really wanted.


Takoyaki: the night market classic back home, this rendition was a lot gooey-er as it came hot off the press, just cooked through.

While the taste was there, I would have preferred a slightly more cooked through version, as it kept slipping through and creating a huge, steaming mess.


Gyoza: simplicity is best when done right. These were delicious, with a thin skin holding together a juicy, meaty interior. These are also little pockets of fire waiting to burn your mouth, so eat with caution.


Taiyaki: probably one of our favourite street food items to get back home, we were full but managed to share a red bean taiyaki between the three of us. It was hot and crispy, with the perfect mix of custard-cake interior, and a generous amount of sweetened red bean paste. This remains the single most delicious taiyaki I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

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