Spotlight: CoCo Ichibanya Hamburg Curry


The first meal in Tokyo had to be Coco Curry, and thankfully there was one close to our hotel. I made my way over after dropping off my luggage, and though I hadn’t intended on it, the Hamburg Curry caught my eye once again.


This time, I decided to spend more time with the menu in hopes of customizing my order, but went with their asparagus and tomato beef curry with the cheese hamburg for my choice of protein. I had once again forgotten how large the serving was; I intended to get less rice but hunger won over my brain.

The Hamburg is soft and juicy, with a beautiful gooey centre of cheesy goodness. It complements the savoury curry well, though the chunks of brisket in Theis particular curry made me extra full.

Another first night in Tokyo, another Hamburg Curry at CoCo- and this is how traditions are born.

1 thought on “Spotlight: CoCo Ichibanya Hamburg Curry

  1. The hamburg is quite nice but have you had any with cheese? There is so much that I particularly love of this chain bringing to my second favourite food. The curry house definitely upped the quality and expectation of Japanese curry in my opinion with not just the customisation but also the spice.

    It’s probably one of the three spiciest places I went to in Japan quite frequently when I lived there. I myself love CoCo Ichibanya so much that I am doing a world tour by going to branches around the world. Hope you can check out and comment on my first stop to several Japan branches:

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