Avec El


I had seen beautiful photos of lattes topped with a slice of fruit, and even attempted my own throughout the years. As we were planning our latest trip to Seoul, I decided to hunt down the original cafe that served these lattes.

Avec El
Location: 서울시 용산구 후암동 41-1
41-1, Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 8pm
Sunday: Closed
Atmosphere: White vintage
Service: Friendly

I actually saved the wrong cafe, but upon visiting, realized that Avec.el carried a Ringo Latte, an apple tea flavoured latte with real apples thorough out, as well as the classic slice resting on a bed of foam.




I really loved the vibes of this cafe; it was white, yet dimly lit due to the rainy weather outside. The interior was decorated with a lot of vintage patterns and dried flowers.



My latte was fruity and milky, and there were chunks of apples inside the drink as well. Ranee said her flat white was, and I quote, “the best coffee in Korea so far”.



The barista came by and gave us “서비스” (service, aka on the house) of apple slices.

Overall, the calm of Avec El was a great mid-day break during a gloomy day in the city.


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