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Kung Fu Tea Shop

38 Milk King and Tieguanyin milk tea
38 Milk King and Tieguanyin milk tea

Update (May 2017): Kung Fu Tea is finally back on Spadina at Dundas!

Update (March 2015): It is to my extreme sadness to announce this location has closed. Fingers crossed they open a new location (that is not across another popular bubble tea chain).

I love my bubble tea. What I love less about it are the crazy wait times, watery drinks, and mushy tapioca. Over the years, either my tastes evolved or the quality of a lot of bubble tea places has gone down. Kung Fu Tea Shop is undoubtedly my favourite and combats all the issues I have with other bubble tea shops.

Kung Fu Tea Shop
Location: 207 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
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