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Perfecting the Matcha Latte

I first started writing this post over two years ago, but sadly, was not able to perfect the matcha latte until now. There is definitely room for improvement, especially with my latte art skills, but I am finally satisfied with the end product.


The main issues I faced were clumpy matcha, lackluster foam, and an absence of the vibrant green colour that adorns so many matcha lattes I’ve bought.  Continue reading Perfecting the Matcha Latte


What to do with overripe fruits

I generally like my fruits on the first few days of ripeness, when they’re sweet yet still crisp. So what do you do when you have fruits that are past that point and are an over-sweet, mushy mess?

The classic answer has generally been to cook or bake them into food, and personally my family makes a lot of banana bread to deal with it, to the point that I was pretty tired of it.

My personal favourite ways to deal with overripe fruits are to make jam and smoothies. They’re both simple and can be easily adapted into different recipes to avoid the monotony of the banana bread answer. The best part is that the riper the fruit, the more delicious it is made into these items.

Making jam is honestly just cutting up the fruit and letting it cook over medium-low heat with as much or as little sugar as you desire. You can cook the fruits until they’re just soft and still chunky, or until it is almost liquefied. It does thicken up a little once cooled, and taste delicious on top of toast, ice cream, cakes, or even on its own.

2016-06-28 11.21.02 1.jpg

Now that it’s summertime and I want ice cream and popsicles the minute I step inside my house, I have started to freeze my overripe fruits to make a more healthy cold  treat. My absolute favourite blend at the moment is bananas, mangos, strawberries, and a cup of orange juice to blend it all together. If you use 100% orange juice, there is absolutely no added sugar (and no need to) and you’re getting 4 servings of fruits in one go.  When you use ripe fruits, it tastes exactly like the colourful fruit roll ups and brings me back to my childhood.

Those two ways are my current go-to methods to deal with overripe fruits – let me know your favourite ways to help your fruit avoid the bin.