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Myoungdong Chammat Kalguksu


One evening, we were driving down a strip of Steeles I rarely pass by, and I spotted the brightly-lit sign reading “명동 칼국수”. I instantly thought of the outlet we had tried in Seoul, and my interest was piqued.

Myoungdong Chammat Kalguksu (명동 참맛 칼국수)
Location: 1549 Steeles Ave E
North York, ON
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Tomo Sushi

Sashimi combo
Sashimi dinner combo

I heard about Tomo Sushi nearly 3 years ago from a co-worker; she lived nearby and said it was one of her favourite places for sushi, and everyone she had brought there, regardless of what they thought of sushi before, loved it. Being a little out of the way from me, I never had the opportunity to try it until now.

Tomo Sushi
Location: 9625 Yonge St, Unit 1 &2
Richmond Hill, ON
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