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Trip Planning: Food Edition

Last time we went to Asia together, we were all fresh grads, broke but still wanting to explore and eat all that the cities had to offer. While we put specific dishes we wanted to have, we rarely had a restaurant in mind, and as a result, we sometimes stumbled upon hidden gems, but more often than not, we stuffed ourselves with food from the convenience store (Tokyo) or the street (Seoul).

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Budgeting Meals for Trips

I am about to embark on a vacation after my final examination of my undergraduate career. I’m extremely excited, and while I want to enjoy myself, the reality is that money is tight (due to the unemployed student factor). So therefore strict budgeting must be enforced in order to strike a balance.

Cloud Gate, Chicago
Cloud Gate, Chicago

We are definitely planning to eat out for most (if not all) our meals, and it can quickly add up. As budgeting for a trip depends on a variety of factors, I will focus on general tips I use myself.  Continue reading Budgeting Meals for Trips