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Dalgona Coffee


Dalgona coffee has been making the rounds to the areas of the world affected by social distancing measures. Named after it’s similar taste and appearance to a popular street snack, this simple but interesting recipe uses easy-to-find ingredients to create a visually pleasing drink. Continue reading Dalgona Coffee

Lady M


During our last meet-up in Causeway Bay, the topic of desserts came up, and I mentioned how I had never tried Lady M. My friend informed me that the rose crêpe cake was a Hong Kong exclusive, and as a fan of cake, rose, and exclusivity, we made a plan to meet up again later that week for some indulgence.

Lady M (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Location: Shop OT215K, 2/F
Ocean Terminal, Harbour City,
3-27 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong Continue reading Lady M

Rose Pink Latte

There is a certain charm about a rose latte. I don’t usually gravitate towards floral flavoured items, but the rarity of a rose latte always convinces me to order them.


When my rose drink comes out, sometimes looking decidedly not rosy, I do feel a tinge of disappointment. This disappointment was only magnified when I too, failed to create a pink latte made of roses. As most rose-coloured and flavoured drinks were done through unnatural means, I decided to take it upon myself to create a latte appeal to the tastebuds in my eyes and mouth. Continue reading Rose Pink Latte

Kung Fu Tea Shop 2.0

Rose milk tea, Uji matcha latte, tieguanyin milk tea

I was pretty sad when I found out Kung Fu Tea Shop closed their location on Dundas and University two years ago. It was my go-to spot for bubble tea when I was downtown and I would go out of my way to get my fix.

So I was pretty excited when they finally re-opened on Spadina, with a much bigger location and definitely with more foot traffic.

Kung Fu Tea
Location: 264 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON
M5T 2E4 Continue reading Kung Fu Tea Shop 2.0

Perfecting the Matcha Latte

I first started writing this post over two years ago, but sadly, was not able to perfect the matcha latte until now. There is definitely room for improvement, especially with my latte art skills, but I am finally satisfied with the end product.


The main issues I faced were clumpy matcha, lackluster foam, and an absence of the vibrant green colour that adorns so many matcha lattes I’ve bought.  Continue reading Perfecting the Matcha Latte

Memorable Meals: 1

I want to highlight all the meals I’ve had in the last few weeks that have been memorable enough for me to want to go back and have them again.

Let’s begin with a drink. The Terroni Sour at Terroni is really an amaretto sour with a twist – the limonata makes this drink taste like candy. I recreated this at home and it is seriously so amazing.

2016-01-24 10.14.57 1.jpg

Cravings for karaage and takoyaki can now be filled at Moji Japanese Eatery in the Peachtree Plaza.

2016-01-31 07.04.20 1.jpg

Another memorable drink – the Tokyo Fog at Nohohon Tea Room. Matcha latte with vanilla is probably my favourite twist on matcha thus far.

2016-01-13 10.56.36 1.jpg

This meal was memorable because we were sitting inside shivering while eating our tacos. I think this is the first time I ever saw my breath while eating indoors… On the plus side, I managed to not make a mess, which is not an easy feat at Seven Lives.

2016-01-29 11.21.40 1.jpg

Taking it back home… cauliflower buffalo wings. I made this twice so far and its so delicious and satisfying. While making these, I keep thinking “what vegetable should we have with our wings?” before remembering that our wings are vegetables. Mind blown.

2016-02-13 10.10.17 1.jpg


Candycane Hot Chocolate

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is probably my favourite winter drink; comforting and indulgent, it is the best reminder that Christmas is approaching.

If you live in Canada, you may be aware that Tim Hortons brings out their Candy Cane Hot Chocolate near the beginning of December. Last year in particular, it was slow coming to our school campus, so tired of delays, we decided to venture out and buy the ingredients to make it ourselves.

Simple to make, I think I had this drink at least once a day for a week… Continue reading Candycane Hot Chocolate

Spotlight: Chatime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea

Chatime is one of the best bubble tea places around the GTA, and has hundreds of chains around the world. Unfortunately, with so many shops, there is bound to be some inconsistencies between the different locations.

Grass jelly roasted milk tea (and tieguanyin tea latte)
Grass jelly roasted milk tea (and tieguanyin tea latte)

I have personally tried Chatime Toronto (132 Dundas St W), Chatime Markham (20 Gibson Dr), and Chatime Richmond Hill (505 Highway 7 E). The quality at the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations are generally more consistent and for some reason always have smaller lines than the Markham locations, which can only mean either less customers or more efficient staff (or both!). Continue reading Spotlight: Chatime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea