Honey Vanilla Tea Latte


My all-time favourite hot drink to get is the honey vanilla tea latte from Second Cup. I first discovered this drink during the Latte Tuesdays promotions while in school in the winter. After endless London Fogs and green tea lattes, my friend tried the new honey vanilla tea latte they were promoting and was hooked. I’m not the biggest lover of honey, so I was skeptical, but after trying it once, it’s really hard to go back to any other tea latte.

I’ve since then recommended this drink to anyone who listens and have only gotten positive reviews. So of course I had to try to recreate this latte at home.

What you’ll need

  • 1 serving of English Breakfast Tea (about 1 tsp of loose leaves)
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • a dash of vanilla extract
  • honey, to taste

As usual, many substitutions can be made – I do believe Second Cup’s version uses English Breakfast, but as they no longer officially advertise this drink, I can no longer verify that information. This latte works well with Earl Grey tea, orange pekoe, or virtually most simple black teas. If you are feeling luxurious, you may choose to use vanilla bean to flavour the tea. My cup is also larger than norm, so you may choose to scale this recipe up or down.

To prepare the tea

Brew a very concentrated cup of tea (I used about 1 cup of hot water for 1 tsp of loose leaves), and add the dash of vanilla extract.

Begin to froth milk – as someone washed my milk frother, batteries included, it has since ceased to operate and I use the whisk attachment on my hand mixer to achieve the same effect – and pour into the cup of tea. If you like your lattes hot, I suggest you warm the milk first; however, I find the cool milk makes the latte a perfect temperature to drink immediately so I usually skip this step. Then add a swirl of honey and enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

      1. I am expecting lots of #PUMKIN for the month to come! And did you know that Starbucks has decided to put real Pumpkin only this year? Which means that until now people were drinking artificial pumpkin flavor? I am not very surprised because pumpkin is not very sweet when eaten as a food

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