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Spotlight: Green Grotto Maccha Hokkaido Milk Tea


I have reviewed my overall experience at Green Grotto already, but in the last few months, they released a new drink: Maccha Hokkaido Milk Tea.

I already love their Hokkaido milk tea, and I like their maccha milk tea, which meant it was a match made in heaven. The drink comes with grass jelly but I like to substitute with tapioca.

At $6.49, this drink is not cheap by any means, but it is the perfect blend of earthy matcha and sweet Hokkaido milk to leave your tastebuds satisfied. Also, you get 15% off with take-out!


They have opened a new location across from Markville Mall, and have a whopping eight locations now in Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Downtown Toronto, Vaughan, and Mississauga. Browse them all on their website to find the one closest to you.


Spotlight: Eative Liquid Nitrogen Sorbet

Guava and passionfruit and lychee and guanabana
Guava and passionfruit and lychee and guanabana

As I was walking down the Front Street Market for the first time, I looked back and saw that my friends were no longer behind me. I wandered back to find them and saw them sidetracked by samples of sorbet at the Eative stall.

Location: Kensington Market
228 Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON
M5T 2L8 Continue reading Spotlight: Eative Liquid Nitrogen Sorbet

Spotlight: Street Food in Seoul

Asides from the occasional hot dog vendor, street food in Toronto is pretty nonexistent. So I was ecstatic to be surrounded by a variety of food at all times of the day, and in all corners of Seoul.

Below is a list of my personal favourites of the many street foods I’ve tried.

Hotteok (호떡)
What it is: Sugar and nuts/seeds fried in a pancake, ranges from 500 to 1000 won
Why you need to try it: Ranges from bread-like to mochi-like. Our favourite stand was the lady in front of Changdeokgung.

Egg Bread (계란빵)
What it is: A slightly sweet bread with an egg cracked on top, with a sprinkling of seeds
Why you need to try it: Breakfast in the palm of your hand. Or a nice snack. Or both.  Continue reading Spotlight: Street Food in Seoul

Spotlight: Softree Honey Chip Ice Cream


We were lucky to have beautiful weather for the majority of our trip in Seoul, but one of the side effects of hot weather was an increased craving for ice cream… at least that was our excuse.

I had heard of honey chip ice cream before, so when we passed by a Softree near Bukchon Hanok Village, and decided to stop by after lunch.


First of all, they advertise their organic soft serve, which was something I can’t say I’ve tried before. Thankfully, it was delicious and creamy, and I would have enjoyed it on its own.

The honey chip itself is a small piece of honeycomb, and when you bite into it, gooey honey oozes out. The honey was sometimes a little bit overpowering, but it did match well with the ice cream. I did find that some pieces of honeycomb were too tough to chew, but overall it made for an interesting treat. I would definitely get it again…

Note: Softree is a Korean ice cream store.

Spotlight: DavidsTea Travel Mug

Since I was young, I would only drink juice and pop, and the occasional cup of tea at Chinese restaurants. I tried to increase my liquid intake once I started university; however, I found out that the water in the city I moved to was primarily sourced from groundwater, and heavily treated. This resulted in hard water that had an unpleasant taste, and as someone who already disliked the taste of water, it was a no-go. So I turned to tea.

I started out drinking the green tea I was used to, but now I also love black teas (with milk and sugar!). However, the travel mugs I had were not leak-proof and were left a metallic taste in my mouth.

Tangerine carry travel mug & robin egg’s Timolino travel mug
16 oz. Tangerine carry travel mug & 12 oz. robin egg’s Timolino travel mug

Fast-forward to winter of 2012, and my sister gifted me a Timolino travel mug from DavidsTea. I can’t go on to say how amazing these mugs are. They keep drinks hot for hours,  are leak-proof, and come in a variety of colours and designs. I have knocked this mug over several times from my counter to the floor, and it has barely a dent in it. I’ve raved about my travel mug so many times that both my roommates and a couple of my friends have purchased one as well.  Continue reading Spotlight: DavidsTea Travel Mug

Spotlight: Second Cup Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

IMAG2366Second Cup is one of those places I love to go to relax; the atmosphere is always so pleasant and they are home to my favourite latte…

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, you may have likely never heard of them before. They are a coffee house similar to Starbucks, but the difference being they operate on a franchise system. My oldest memory of Second Cup is my mom telling me how my sister always got thirsty when we passed by when she was younger; something about the name! Continue reading Spotlight: Second Cup Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

Funky Monkey waffle
Funky Monkey waffle

Williams Fresh Cafe serves up breakfast, lunch/dinner and dessert at over 35 locations around Ontario, a few of which are conveniently located near university campuses. Coincidence? :)

When I first came to Waterloo, I heard from friends that Williams was a great place to hang out and grab some coffee and food. Though for a student budget, I would say many items are on the pricier end of the spectrum, it is definitely a great place for a treat once in awhile. My especial favourites are their dessert and drink options, and I often find myself here for their cakes and waffles. Continue reading Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

Spotlight: Chatime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea

Chatime is one of the best bubble tea places around the GTA, and has hundreds of chains around the world. Unfortunately, with so many shops, there is bound to be some inconsistencies between the different locations.

Grass jelly roasted milk tea (and tieguanyin tea latte)
Grass jelly roasted milk tea (and tieguanyin tea latte)

I have personally tried Chatime Toronto (132 Dundas St W), Chatime Markham (20 Gibson Dr), and Chatime Richmond Hill (505 Highway 7 E). The quality at the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations are generally more consistent and for some reason always have smaller lines than the Markham locations, which can only mean either less customers or more efficient staff (or both!). Continue reading Spotlight: Chatime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea

Spotlight: Laura Secord SuperKid

Now that the weather is heating up, the thought of ice cream might be on the table again. Here is my all-time favourite flavour, both for its nostalgic memories and national pride, Laura Secord’s SuperKid.

Laura Secord SuperKid
Laura Secord SuperKid

Ever since I can remember, I used to beg my mom for a cone every time we passed the Laura Secord at our local mall (sadly, a revamp of the mall has pushed it out, which makes the accessibility another factor in obtaining this ice cream). I mean, what kid could resist? Bright, almost neon colours and a fruity flavour, it was a perfect mix of creaminess without the heaviness of conventional flavours such as chocolate.  Continue reading Spotlight: Laura Secord SuperKid