Spotlights give attention to a specific dish or item that is a well-known or personal favourite.

Browse all the spotlights here.


7-Eleven, Hong Kong | Coca-Cola Plus Coffee

Chatime | Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea

Green Grotto | Maccha Hokkaido Milk Tea

Second Cup | Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

Vancouver, Canada | Coffeeshops in Gastown


Tim Hortons | Beyond Meat

CoCo Ichibanya | Hamburg Curry

Snacks & Desserts 

Eative | Liquid Nitrogen Sorbet

GS25, South Korea | Inkigayo Sandwich

Lamma Island, Hong Kong | Snacks around the island

Laura Secord | Superkid Ice Cream

Local | New Zealand

Osaka, Japan | Street Food

O’Sulloc | Tea Milk Spreads

Seoul, South Korea | Street Food

Softree | Honey Chip Ice Cream (Seoul)

South Korea | Subway & Street Food, pt. 2

Vancouver, Canada | Ice Cream Tour

Viv’s Kitchen, New Zealand | Cream Horns

Williams Fresh Cafe | Funky Monkey Waffle


DavidsTea | Travel Mugs

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