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Coffee Shops in Gastown

We had a lot of coffee, tea, lattes, and the like during our trip to Vancouver. Staying in Gastown, we were surrounded by coffee shops around every corner, and we tried a new one nearly every morning (and sometimes afternoon).

JJ Bean


Upon arriving in Vancouver, we dropped off our bags and showered, and had lunch before stopping by for our first hit of caffeine. I went with my fail-safe London Fog, and was decently satisfied, but unbeknownst to me at the time, this would end up being our most-visited cafe. Continue reading Coffee Shops in Gastown


Lady M


During our last meet-up in Causeway Bay, the topic of desserts came up, and I mentioned how I had never tried Lady M. My friend informed me that the rose crêpe cake was a Hong Kong exclusive, and as a fan of cake, rose, and exclusivity, we made a plan to meet up again later that week for some indulgence.

Lady M (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Address: Shop OT215K, 2/F
Ocean Terminal, Harbour City,
3-27 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong Continue reading Lady M

Two Plus Deungshim

I hadn’t been planning on having Hanwoo during my trip here, as I knew it would be out of my budget, and barbeque restaurants with minimum orders aren’t really conducive to dining alone.

However, my friend was back in Seoul for one last night before flying back home, and we decided to meet up for dinner with a few other friends.

Two Plus Deungshim (투뿔등심 가로수길점)
Address: MenupanInstagram / Mango Plate
Phone: 02-515-5712 Continue reading Two Plus Deungshim

Gome Milmyeon


Another Busan speciality is milmyeon. However, we didn’t really know that prior, and were just looking for a restaurant near Haeundae. After a morning walking around Haedong Yonggungsa, my friend chose milmyeon among the options I found, and we made our way down Gunam-ro.

Gome Milmyeon
Address: Mango Plate / Foursquare / Instagram
Phone: 051-747-8807 Continue reading Gome Milmyeon

Bonjeon Dwaeji Gukbap


After a whirlwind arrival in South Korea, I spent the entire evening traversing from one end to the other, and ended up in Busan just before 10pm. Due to the tight schedule and nonstop travelling, I was feeling under-the-weather and in the mood for some comforting food.

The next morning, I met up with a couple of friends who serendipitously happened to be in Busan for the next couple of days, and a suggestion of dwaeji gukbap (돼지국밥) was made.

Bonjeon Dwaeji Gukbap (본전돼지국밥)
Address: Trip Advisor / Mango Plate
Phone: 051-441-2946 Continue reading Bonjeon Dwaeji Gukbap

Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi


On my last day in Seoul, I had the morning free before I needed to head to the airport for my afternoon flight. My bunkmate also didn’t have plans before her evening flight, so we decided to grab lunch together.

Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi (홍춘천치즈닭갈비)
Address: Visit Seoul
Phone: 02-337-2825 Continue reading Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi

Insadong Tofu Village


After spending the morning walking from Samcheongdong to Gwanghwamun, I finally found myself in the midst of Insadong, with my belly rumbling.

I still get a little intimidated about eating at restaurants alone. My determination to eat warm food overtook my hesitation to try and communicate in my very limited Korean, but despite being physically open, a couple of places said they wouldn’t be serving food until an hour later. After circling the area a few times, I found a restaurant that was open and served soups and stews, something I had been craving due to the chilly weather.

Insadong Tofu Village (인사동 두부마을)
Address: Foursquare / Menupan / Mango Plate
Phone: +82 2-735-9996 Continue reading Insadong Tofu Village

Europe in a nutshell: the Netherlands

Here begins the long overdue summary of my Europe trip, the food-centric version. If you were curious about other aspects, it is currently about 2/3 of the way through here.

Amsterdam. The Netherlands. Meat and potatoes. So many potatoes…

My favourite part was definitely the beer, cheese, and desserts. I must say I wasn’t terribly impressed by Dutch food other than frites.

The best start to the day: stroopwafels and tea. My favourite stroopwafels were the honey ones from Albert Heijn. I would also highly recommend trying one fresh from a street vendor!


Craft beer at Oedipus Brewery. I’m not generally a huge beer fan when it comes to domestic beers at home, but the beer here was so delicious that it made me rethink my feelings for beer. Highly recommend trying some craft breweries over a bottle of Heineken!


And here marks the best coffee I’ve had thus far; the honey vanilla latte macchiato in Den Haag. Presentation, taste, and cafe decor is just about perfect at the Barista Cafe here.

IMG_20170618_215228_013.jpg Continue reading Europe in a nutshell: the Netherlands