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Spotlight: DavidsTea Travel Mug

Since I was young, I would only drink juice and pop, and the occasional cup of tea at Chinese restaurants. I tried to increase my liquid intake once I started university; however, I found out that the water in the city I moved to was primarily sourced from groundwater, and heavily treated. This resulted in hard water that had an unpleasant taste, and as someone who already disliked the taste of water, it was a no-go. So I turned to tea.

I started out drinking the green tea I was used to, but now I also love black teas (with milk and sugar!). However, the travel mugs I had were not leak-proof and were left a metallic taste in my mouth.

Tangerine carry travel mug & robin egg’s Timolino travel mug
16 oz. Tangerine carry travel mug & 12 oz. robin egg’s Timolino travel mug

Fast-forward to winter of 2012, and my sister gifted me a Timolino travel mug from DavidsTea. I can’t go on to say how amazing these mugs are. They keep drinks hot for hours,  are leak-proof, and come in a variety of colours and designs. I have knocked this mug over several times from my counter to the floor, and it has barely a dent in it. I’ve raved about my travel mug so many times that both my roommates and a couple of my friends have purchased one as well.  Continue reading Spotlight: DavidsTea Travel Mug