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Simplifying Thai Iced Tea


Almost five years ago, I started writing down notes on how to make my own Thai iced tea… only to get completely and utterly stuck. The exact mix of ingredients for making your own Thai tea mix varies widely, and many of them are not easily tracked down in my part of the world. The pre-made leaves mix was also difficult to locate, so I relegated myself to ordering the drink at Thai restaurants. Continue reading Simplifying Thai Iced Tea

Rose Pink Latte

There is a certain charm about a rose latte. I don’t usually gravitate towards floral flavoured items, but the rarity of a rose latte always convinces me to order them.


When my rose drink comes out, sometimes looking decidedly not rosy, I do feel a tinge of disappointment. This disappointment was only magnified when I too, failed to create a pink latte made of roses. As most rose-coloured and flavoured drinks were done through unnatural means, I decided to take it upon myself to create a latte appeal to the tastebuds in my eyes and mouth. Continue reading Rose Pink Latte

Kitchen Sounds: Iced Matcha Latte

I finally bit and got an external microphone for my camera, and decided to test it. Due to the recent heatwave, I made an iced matcha latte. When I reviewed the footage, I really enjoyed the sounds of the latte-making process, and decided to keep them in instead of overlaying with music.

This is not quite ASMR as I filmed this next to my fridge and there is some hum from the machinery, and the counter I was using was the glass range, so there were some sharp drops. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Stay cool!

Perfecting the Matcha Latte

I first started writing this post over two years ago, but sadly, was not able to perfect the matcha latte until now. There is definitely room for improvement, especially with my latte art skills, but I am finally satisfied with the end product.


The main issues I faced were clumpy matcha, lackluster foam, and an absence of the vibrant green colour that adorns so many matcha lattes I’ve bought.  Continue reading Perfecting the Matcha Latte

Orange Slice Latte


After seeing photos of what appeared to be a latte with an orange slice floating around Instagram, I tried to decode how to make it. After scouring the internet, I found recipe for a coffee latte… but being me, I decided to try my hand at a tea latte version. Continue reading Orange Slice Latte

Honey Vanilla Tea Latte


My all-time favourite hot drink to get is the honey vanilla tea latte from Second Cup. I first discovered this drink during the Latte Tuesdays promotions while in school in the winter. After endless London Fogs and green tea lattes, my friend tried the new honey vanilla tea latte they were promoting and was hooked. I’m not the biggest lover of honey, so I was skeptical, but after trying it once, it’s really hard to go back to any other tea latte.

I’ve since then recommended this drink to anyone who listens and have only gotten positive reviews. So of course I had to try to recreate this latte at home.

What you’ll need

  • 1 serving of English Breakfast Tea (about 1 tsp of loose leaves)
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • a dash of vanilla extract
  • honey, to taste

As usual, many substitutions can be made – I do believe Second Cup’s version uses English Breakfast, but as they no longer officially advertise this drink, I can no longer verify that information. This latte works well with Earl Grey tea, orange pekoe, or virtually most simple black teas. If you are feeling luxurious, you may choose to use vanilla bean to flavour the tea. My cup is also larger than norm, so you may choose to scale this recipe up or down.

To prepare the tea

Brew a very concentrated cup of tea (I used about 1 cup of hot water for 1 tsp of loose leaves), and add the dash of vanilla extract.

Begin to froth milk – as someone washed my milk frother, batteries included, it has since ceased to operate and I use the whisk attachment on my hand mixer to achieve the same effect – and pour into the cup of tea. If you like your lattes hot, I suggest you warm the milk first; however, I find the cool milk makes the latte a perfect temperature to drink immediately so I usually skip this step. Then add a swirl of honey and enjoy!

Candycane Hot Chocolate

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This is probably my favourite winter drink; comforting and indulgent, it is the best reminder that Christmas is approaching.

If you live in Canada, you may be aware that Tim Hortons brings out their Candy Cane Hot Chocolate near the beginning of December. Last year in particular, it was slow coming to our school campus, so tired of delays, we decided to venture out and buy the ingredients to make it ourselves.

Simple to make, I think I had this drink at least once a day for a week… Continue reading Candycane Hot Chocolate