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Funky Munky Cafe


I was on the hunt for a place to work after dinner on a Tuesday night, and found Funky Munky Cafe. I wasn’t looking for bubble tea, but imagine my surprise when I walked in to find that they offered bubble tea in addition to coffee and tea.

Funky Munky Cafe
Location: 9275 Markham Rd, Unit 7
Markham, ON
L6E 1A1
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Perfecting the Matcha Latte

I first started writing this post over two years ago, but sadly, was not able to perfect the matcha latte until now. There is definitely room for improvement, especially with my latte art skills, but I am finally satisfied with the end product.


The main issues I faced were clumpy matcha, lackluster foam, and an absence of the vibrant green colour that adorns so many matcha lattes I’ve bought.  Continue reading Perfecting the Matcha Latte

Café Medina

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Café Medina is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, nestled along a rather blank street; if not for the long lines of people waiting outside, you might miss it when you walk past. The first time we went there, we were told a party of 4 needed to wait an hour, so we walked around Marshall’s until about 45 mins past to leave a buffer. When we arrived back at the restaurant, we actually just made it in time as the hostess had already called our names a few times and was ready to strike us off the list.

Café Medina
Location: 780 Richards St
Vancouver, BC
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DavidsTea Favourites: Green Tea

It’s no secret that I love DavidsTea. I have one of their tumblers beside me holding my tea as I write this. However, I am definitely more of a fan of their accessories first and their teas second. I find that many of their teas are too artificial or just odd combinations that I don’t enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love any of them, and the list below is a few of my favourites.

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My list is primarily green tea, but there is one oolong sneakily snuck in there.  Below, in no particular order, are teas I drink on a regular basis and I enjoy the most.

Korean Sejak ($7.90 for 50g)

  • Green tea of the second flush (Sejak) from the Halla Mountain slopes in Korea.

A lighter tasting tea perfect for everyday. One of the staff at the store bemoaned that it was the only Korean tea sold by DavidsTea so far.

Butterfly Jasmine ($19.90 for 50g)

  • Chinese green tea from Fujian Province, scented with jasmine flowers.

The hand-rolled version of the crowd pleaser.

Roasted Gyokuro ($19.90 for 50g)

  • Certified Organic green tea from Kagoshima, Japan

Gyokuro is good for days when I’m feeling something different. Be careful not to scorch this one!

Buddha’s Blend ($10.90 for 50g)

  • White tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, natural and artificial flavouring.

White tea, green tea, and hibiscus do make for a perfect concoction and with the lower caffeine content, it’s a tea I like drinking at night.

Guangzhou Milk Oolong ($11.90 for 50g)

  • Chinese oolong tea from the Fujian province, natural flavouring.

I love milky drinks and I love oolong, so how could I not love this one?

Countess of Seville ($7.90 for 50g)

  • Certified Organic: Green tea, orange peel, cornflowers. With natural orange and bergamot oil.

I love Earl Grey and I love green tea, so a mix of the two sounded right up my alley. I almost didn’t get this tea when I saw it in store, for the leaves looked very coarse and there was an overwhelming scent of citrus. However, I’m glad I decided to give it a go as I realized it was similar to the OSULLOC Samdayeon Jeju tangerine oolong tea. At about $7.90 for 50g, this was a much more inexpensive option and evokes the same flavours as the OSULLOC tea, which costs 20,000 KRW for 50g, and only sold in South Korea.

Spotlight: Second Cup Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

IMAG2366Second Cup is one of those places I love to go to relax; the atmosphere is always so pleasant and they are home to my favourite latte…

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, you may have likely never heard of them before. They are a coffee house similar to Starbucks, but the difference being they operate on a franchise system. My oldest memory of Second Cup is my mom telling me how my sister always got thirsty when we passed by when she was younger; something about the name! Continue reading Spotlight: Second Cup Honey Vanilla Tea Latte