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Tonkatsu Curry & Aji Hurai Curry

I love all types of curry and almost always am down to get some – Japanese curry isn’t readily available here but I was having withdrawals after our trip to Japan so we hunted one down.

Location: 177 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON
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Japadog (Street Stall)


Why does the west coast have superior hot dog stands?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the hot dog stands in Toronto, even in all their grimy condiments container glory. They make great snacks in a pinch, but I would definitely be more inclined to eat more street meat if Japadogs were in town. Continue reading Japadog (Street Stall)

Kinkaku Izakaya


Waterloo is full of AYCE (all you can eat) Japanese restaurants, the majority of which serve primarily sushi. However, if you’re willing to spend a little more to get better quality food, definitely check out Kinkaku Izakaya, located across Kitchener City Hall.

Kinkaku Izakaya
Location: 217 King St W
Kitchener, ON
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Koi Sakana Ramen

Hokkaido ramen
Hokkaido Ramen

Evidently there was also a sushi place in the same plaza with the same name that is now closed, which confused me greatly when trying to look up the hours for this place. I’m still unsure as if that was the case, but Koi Sakana Ramen is definitely open and a great place for ramen in the GTA.

Koi Sakana
Location: 360 Highway 7 East, Unit 3
Richmond Hill, ON
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Tomo Sushi

Sashimi combo
Sashimi dinner combo

I heard about Tomo Sushi nearly 3 years ago from a co-worker; she lived nearby and said it was one of her favourite places for sushi, and everyone she had brought there, regardless of what they thought of sushi before, loved it. Being a little out of the way from me, I never had the opportunity to try it until now.

Tomo Sushi
Location: 9625 Yonge St, Unit 1 &2
Richmond Hill, ON
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Shiso Tree Cafe

Uni tagliolini
Uni tagliolini

If you love more adventurous, unique pasta, Shiso Tree Cafe is the place to go. There isn’t quite anything like this in the GTA and their lunch specials are very reasonably-priced if you’re a bit unsure about the premise.

Shiso Tree Cafe
Location: 3160 Steeles Ave E, Unit 1
Markham, ON
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