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Milkcow Cafe


I have had my fair share of honeycomb ice cream ever since we first tried it in Seoul in 2015. We also had it again while waiting to eat in Los Angeles in 2016, and then in Vancouver in 2017. So 2018 was due for a honeycomb treat.

Milkcow Cafe
Location: 2651 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
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After spending the day in the sun at the Niagara Lavender Festival, we were ready for a low-key dinner. We decided going to Roywoods to pick up some jerk chicken for dinner.

Oxtail,  fish, shrimp, and jerk chicken large plates

Location: 121 Fort York Blvd
Toronto, ON
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Earnest Ice Cream


I love London Fog. Put London Fog in a food item, and I’ll probably try it. A lot of ice cream shops make Earl Grey ice cream, but London Fog ice cream is harder to come by. The difference lies in the creamier vanilla flavour that is not guaranteed in the Earl Grey versions.

Earnest easily makes the best London Fog ice cream (or London Fog flavoured anything) that I have ever had. Earnest, please sell your ice cream to the rest of Canada!

Earnest Ice Cream
Location: 1829 Quebec St
Vancouver, BC
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Kitchen Sounds: Iced Matcha Latte

I finally bit and got an external microphone for my camera, and decided to test it. Due to the recent heatwave, I made an iced matcha latte. When I reviewed the footage, I really enjoyed the sounds of the latte-making process, and decided to keep them in instead of overlaying with music.

This is not quite ASMR as I filmed this next to my fridge and there is some hum from the machinery, and the counter I was using was the glass range, so there were some sharp drops. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Stay cool!

The Homeway

Hillbilly Heaven with baked porky beans

We recently participated in the Sporting Life 10K for Camp OOCH. After eating bagels and bananas on the lawn of Coronation Park, we shuffled our way back to the starting line. Seeing as we were rarely in the Mount Pleasant area, we quickly looked up brunch places and decided to try out the Homeway.

The Homeway
Location: 955 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON
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Bullock’s Bistro

Grilled arctic char

We met several people in Yellowknife that recommended one place; Bullock’s Bistro. Their speciality is fish, and it’s pretty much the only thing on the menu (we called to ask for vegetarian options for our fellow vegetables – their only option: salad and fries).

We came here on our last night in Yellowknife, and in retrospect, not the greatest idea.

Bullock’s Bistro
Location: 3534 Weaver Dr
Yellowknife, NT
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