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Kekou Gelato


I love gelato, but combined with tea flavours? I’m sold.

Kekou Gelato
Location: 394 Queen St W
Toronto, ON
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Memorable Meals: 2

Life for the past 3.5 months of 2016 has been pretty crazy with lots of new beginnings and I’m finding it hard to make time to do all the things on my list. One thing I have been doing is eating lots of sweets and brunch, as you shall see below.

2016-03-27 07.28.44 1.jpg

Spontaneous trips for macarons to raise low spirits.

2016-03-27 07.27.11 1.jpg

A small taste of the student life again with Bernie’s Sunday buffet brunch.

2016-03-27 07.14.40 1.jpg

Finally, finally, FINALLY. The long-awaited devouring of Mrs. Biederhof’s blueberry buttermilk pancakes.


One of the things I miss most about Hong Kong are the egg waffles. This is the Hong Kong style milk tea egg waffle with matcha ice cream – I just wish the waffles were a tad more eggy.


I finally tried a new peanut butter cookie recipe. Light, airy, and so easy to polish off five in a row.


Wooffles and Cream

Black and white sesame with twist ice cream & original with matcha ice cream
Black and white sesame with twist ice cream & original with matcha ice cream

When places are fairly new, the information online is sometimes incorrect, which led us to come here at 9pm to find it closing up (the internet told us 9:30pm). So sadly it took a couple of tries until I finally got my hands on some egg waffles and ice cream.

Wooffles and Cream
Location: 8360 Kennedy Road, Unit 81
New Kennedy Square Food Court
Markham, ON
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Spotlight: Softree Honey Chip Ice Cream


We were lucky to have beautiful weather for the majority of our trip in Seoul, but one of the side effects of hot weather was an increased craving for ice cream… at least that was our excuse.

I had heard of honey chip ice cream before, so when we passed by a Softree near Bukchon Hanok Village, and decided to stop by after lunch.


First of all, they advertise their organic soft serve, which was something I can’t say I’ve tried before. Thankfully, it was delicious and creamy, and I would have enjoyed it on its own.

The honey chip itself is a small piece of honeycomb, and when you bite into it, gooey honey oozes out. The honey was sometimes a little bit overpowering, but it did match well with the ice cream. I did find that some pieces of honeycomb were too tough to chew, but overall it made for an interesting treat. I would definitely get it again…

Note: Softree is a Korean ice cream store.

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery


My friend took us to Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery for some late summer ice cream sandwiches. It was warm enough that day to enjoy cold treats, and we all ended up getting a full ice cream cookie sandwich.

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
Location: 93 1/2 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON
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Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

Funky Monkey waffle
Funky Monkey waffle

Williams Fresh Cafe serves up breakfast, lunch/dinner and dessert at over 35 locations around Ontario, a few of which are conveniently located near university campuses. Coincidence? :)

When I first came to Waterloo, I heard from friends that Williams was a great place to hang out and grab some coffee and food. Though for a student budget, I would say many items are on the pricier end of the spectrum, it is definitely a great place for a treat once in awhile. My especial favourites are their dessert and drink options, and I often find myself here for their cakes and waffles. Continue reading Spotlight: Williams Fresh Cafe Funky Monkey Waffle

Spotlight: Laura Secord SuperKid

Now that the weather is heating up, the thought of ice cream might be on the table again. Here is my all-time favourite flavour, both for its nostalgic memories and national pride, Laura Secord’s SuperKid.

Laura Secord SuperKid
Laura Secord SuperKid

Ever since I can remember, I used to beg my mom for a cone every time we passed the Laura Secord at our local mall (sadly, a revamp of the mall has pushed it out, which makes the accessibility another factor in obtaining this ice cream). I mean, what kid could resist? Bright, almost neon colours and a fruity flavour, it was a perfect mix of creaminess without the heaviness of conventional flavours such as chocolate.  Continue reading Spotlight: Laura Secord SuperKid