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Mi-Ne Sushi

My favourite sushi place that I recommend to everyone is Mi-Ne Sushi. I have a soft spot for the downtown location because that was the first one I went to, but the Markham one also does not disappoint. I do think the dinner menu is more well made than the one time I came for lunch, and while on the pricier side, it makes for a nice treat when the sushi cravings come.

Their rice to filling ratio is one of the main reasons I think their food is so delicious.



Funky Munky Cafe


I was on the hunt for a place to work after dinner on a Tuesday night, and found Funky Munky Cafe. I wasn’t looking for bubble tea, but imagine my surprise when I walked in to find that they offered bubble tea in addition to coffee and tea.

Funky Munky Cafe
Location: 9275 Markham Rd, Unit 7
Markham, ON
L6E 1A1
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Alchemy Coffee

Matcha Latte

Independent coffee shops are popping up all over Markham, and the one with the biggest hype has to be Alchemy Coffee. Located in a strip plaza off Highway 7, it’s reputation brings customers in despite the sparse parking.

Alchemy Coffee
Location: 4361 Highway 7 E, Unit 1
Markham, ON
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Spotlight: Green Grotto Maccha Hokkaido Milk Tea


I have reviewed my overall experience at Green Grotto already, but in the last few months, they released a new drink: Maccha Hokkaido Milk Tea.

I already love their Hokkaido milk tea, and I like their maccha milk tea, which meant it was a match made in heaven. The drink comes with grass jelly but I like to substitute with tapioca.

At $6.49, this drink is not cheap by any means, but it is the perfect blend of earthy matcha and sweet Hokkaido milk to leave your tastebuds satisfied. Also, you get 15% off with take-out!


They have opened a new location across from Markville Mall, and have a whopping eight locations now in Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Downtown Toronto, Vaughan, and Mississauga. Browse them all on their website to find the one closest to you.

Bean Around the World


There aren’t many coffee shops in Markham that aren’t Second Cup, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons… and now there is Bean Around the World, a coffee shop from British Columbia that opened its first location here.

Bean Around the World
Location: 5762 Highway 7 E, Unit 3
Markham, ON
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Memorable Meals: 2

Life for the past 3.5 months of 2016 has been pretty crazy with lots of new beginnings and I’m finding it hard to make time to do all the things on my list. One thing I have been doing is eating lots of sweets and brunch, as you shall see below.

2016-03-27 07.28.44 1.jpg

Spontaneous trips for macarons to raise low spirits.

2016-03-27 07.27.11 1.jpg

A small taste of the student life again with Bernie’s Sunday buffet brunch.

2016-03-27 07.14.40 1.jpg

Finally, finally, FINALLY. The long-awaited devouring of Mrs. Biederhof’s blueberry buttermilk pancakes.


One of the things I miss most about Hong Kong are the egg waffles. This is the Hong Kong style milk tea egg waffle with matcha ice cream – I just wish the waffles were a tad more eggy.


I finally tried a new peanut butter cookie recipe. Light, airy, and so easy to polish off five in a row.


Korean Food Express

Jjajangmyun, ddukbokki, and samgyetang
Jjajangmyun, ddukbokki, and samgyetang

Korean Food Express is one of the many offerings of the First Markham Place food court, and its a good one. The staff are very friendly and the lady working there offered to make the food to suit our tastes.

Korean Food Express
Location: First Markham Place Food Court, Unit 237FC
3255 Highway 7 E
Markham, ON
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Blacksmiths Bistro

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We ventured here for my birthday dinner on a Sunday night, and found it relatively quiet. The interior is rather dark but the decor is cozy and comfortable, and I really liked the different levels and layout of the restaurant.

Blacksmiths Bistro
Location: 166 Main St (Unionville)
Markham, ON
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