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Kupfert & Kim


Nothing is quite as beautiful as colourful food – especially when it’s naturally so. I love trying new combinations to get inspiration for my own creations. The pictures from featuring the bowls from Kupfert & Kim have long intrigued me, and I finally had the chance to pop in during lunch.

Kupfert & Kim
Location: 140 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON
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Blaze Pizza

BBQ Chkn and Make Your Own

Blaze Pizza took over the spot that used to house Johnny Rockets, and offers quickly-fired personal pizzas. Their selling point is their Build Your Own pizzas – any amount of toppings all for one price.

Blaze Pizza
Location: 10 Dundas St E, Unit 124
Toronto, ON
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Khao San Road 2.0

Khao Soi ($16)

Khao San Road is probably one of Toronto’s favourite restaurants, and they know it. After taking a year hiatus when moving locations, many of my friends were eager to go back for their KSR fix. While their Charlotte St restaurant is a huge improvement, being back there again reminded me of the same gripes I had with their old location.

Khao San Road
Location: 11 Charlotte St
Toronto, ON
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Platito Filipino Soul Food


This photo is probably one of things that makes Platito stand out – who can scroll past purple chicken and waffles and not be intrigued? Once I saw this photo, my friends and I made many attempts to eat here but the timing wasn’t right. Several months later, we found ourselves walking to Platito on a rainy Sunday morning… only to find it closed. Online, and even the sign on the door indicated that they should be open at that time, so needless to say, we were rather disappointed.

A few weeks later, we made another attempt and called ahead to reserve a spot to make sure they would be open.

And they were!

Platito Filipino Soul Food
Location:35 Baldwin St
Toronto, ON
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Original Cheese Katsu

I love looking  out the window at storefronts while on the bus – it serves as both entertainment as well as an indicator that I am heading in the right direction as I do have a penchant for hopping on a bus and then realizing I never checked exactly which bus I just entered. I started noticing Katsuya on one of these trips as it seemed a little out of place just between the two major hubs for food along that strip of Yonge.

Several weeks after, I was discussing with QuirkyAesthetics on where we should eat, and the thought of Katsuya popped up. In the interim, I had seen deliciously cheese-filled photos of their katsu which solidified my interest.

Location: 6048 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
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Potato Cream Curry Udon

Udon: one of my favourite noodles in all its forms, fresh or frozen. It is surprisingly difficult to find places that make udon delicious; oftentimes it comes overcooked and in a sad broth.

The first time I went to MeNami, we actually had plans to go elsewhere but the chilly autumn weather led us through their large blue doors. We thankfully were seated straightaway at the bar, and got straight to ordering.

Location: 5469 Yonge St
Toronto, ON
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Memorable Meals: 2

Life for the past 3.5 months of 2016 has been pretty crazy with lots of new beginnings and I’m finding it hard to make time to do all the things on my list. One thing I have been doing is eating lots of sweets and brunch, as you shall see below.

2016-03-27 07.28.44 1.jpg

Spontaneous trips for macarons to raise low spirits.

2016-03-27 07.27.11 1.jpg

A small taste of the student life again with Bernie’s Sunday buffet brunch.

2016-03-27 07.14.40 1.jpg

Finally, finally, FINALLY. The long-awaited devouring of Mrs. Biederhof’s blueberry buttermilk pancakes.


One of the things I miss most about Hong Kong are the egg waffles. This is the Hong Kong style milk tea egg waffle with matcha ice cream – I just wish the waffles were a tad more eggy.


I finally tried a new peanut butter cookie recipe. Light, airy, and so easy to polish off five in a row.


Ramen Isshin

Chicken tan tan with black sesame
Chicken tan tan with black sesame

I first heard of Ramen Isshin on Instagram, and when Yuki from pekopekofoodie hosted a giveaway, I entered and managed to win a free meal here. So I brought my friend and we made the trek to Bathurst and College for some ramen.

Ramen Isshin
Location: 421 College Street
Toronto, ON
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