My favourite meal in New Zealand was at the very last place we stopped at before the airport. It wouldn’t be exactly fair to call this a meal, but it still stands out above the rest.

Location: 40 Shotover St
Queenstown 9300
New Zealand
Hours: 7 days a week: 6:30am to 4:30am
Atmosphere: Busy
Service: Quick and efficient

We arrived early in the morning in Queenstown, and our group fragmented into the bungee-jumpers and the decidedly non-adventurous city explorers. I searched a few places to see what was open, and came across the Fergburger, Fergbaker, and Mrs Ferg Gelateria.


Travelling with non-burger lovers (it was also well before noon), we decided to pay Fergbaker a visit. A bakery with a small bar to eat, Fergbaker was quite busy, and after roaming through the chalkboard menu, we each got a pie, and I was alerted to the Boston cream doughnut.

I ended up with the daily special pork belly pie, which had large cuts of pork belly with caramelized apples and Dijon. The Boston cream order was missed on our end, but my mom got me an orange flourless cake (it was my birthday!) which was just alright. But the pie! Flakey crust surrounding a gooey, hot interior – describing pie is hard. Let’s just say it was super delicious.


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After wandering around rainy Queenstown, we had little time left for a late lunch before we needed to be at the airport. Our fragmented group fragmented once again, and I was assigned to grab some quick food… and I took myself to Fergbaker once again.

This time, I ordered one of their classics, the chili beef and cheese, and made sure to order the Boston cream doughnut this time. The chili beef and cheese pie had chunks of beef brisket, to my pleasant surprise. I went on to discover that the pie also had kidney beans, and a creme fraiche like cheese filling. For someone expecting ground beef and cheddar, I was blown away.

Already happy with my choice of pie, I then dug into the doughnut. On first inspection, it seemed like a rather plain looking doughnut, with only a fine dusting of icing sugar. When I bit into it, the dough was fluffy and light, and vanilla bean was speckled throughout the lightly sweetened cream. This was the most delicious Boston cream doughnut I’ve ever had, and I would place this on par with my all-time favourite doughnut.


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To recap: Fergburger gets all the hype, but as I did not try their burgers, but I did have two meals at Fergbaker, I could highly recommend paying a visit to this trio if you’re ever in Queenstown.


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