Spotlight: Second Cup Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

IMAG2366Second Cup is one of those places I love to go to relax; the atmosphere is always so pleasant and they are home to my favourite latte…

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, you may have likely never heard of them before. They are a coffee house similar to Starbucks, but the difference being they operate on a franchise system. My oldest memory of Second Cup is my mom telling me how my sister always got thirsty when we passed by when she was younger; something about the name!

I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t have much opinion regarding that aspect. I did however, do a study on them almost two years ago regarding their supply chain and what social value they add to it. If this interests you, read more on their website.

I love it paired with the lemon poppyseed loaf
I love it paired with the lemon poppyseed loaf

A little less than two years ago, I was living near a Second Cup close to my university campus, and seeing as they were having their Latte Tuesday promotion ($2.95 for a medium latte), my friend and I made it a weekly ritual. She tried it first and kept telling me about it, but I was stuck on my green tea or London Fog lattes. I finally tried it one day, and then kept recommending it to everyone else, and have never heard a single bad review.

The Honey Vanilla Tea Latte is an English breakfast tea mixed with vanilla syrup and honey, and topped with milky foam. They often add a drizzle of honey on the top, and I won’t lie, it is a sweet drink. You can ask for less syrup/honey to combat this, but whenever I have this, I see it as a treat for the cold weather. It is such a delicious mix, as the English breakfast has very apparent tea flavour, but it doesn’t overwhelm the flavour as Earl Grey often does. You must try this.

For here cups
For-here mugs

Other drinks I love: vanilla bean hot chocolate. Pretty much best thing ever for cold winter days; I remember the first time I got this, I had been visiting the University of Toronto as a wee high schooler, and had gotten lost, found my way into a Second Cup for warmth, and was intrigued by the sound of this drink. I got with with whipped cream, and words cannot describe how amazing it was, as at that point in time, it was the first hot drink I had ever ordered asides from Tim Hortons hot chocolate.


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